We started with a “discovery phase” to find out about the existing arrangements and what needed to change. Most importantly, we spoke to groups of managers and staff to get their views on what was working well and what was falling short of their expectations. Key findings included a lack of clarity around processes and procedures, little training for managers on how to manage staff and inconsistent use of the HR system. As a result, staff and managers felt they were having to make decisions without the right information or guidance.

Armed with this information, we carried out a full review of the organisation’s HR documentation, processes and procedures to make sure they met the needs of the organisation. We also introduced BreatheHR software to provide a robust management system for everything related to staff and management. Job descriptions were updated so that every employee was clear about their role and what was expected of them. Recruitment and induction procedures were redesigned to ensure that the right people were brought into the organisation and they were given the training and support they needed to perform to expectations.

During the implementation period, the charity needed a significant amount of support to manage the change. A member of our team acted as interim HR manager who was on-site regularly to provide coaching and support for the HR team as well as training the managers in people management skills.

The final stage of the project was to assist with the recruitment of an Operations Director and a part-time HR manager which Pennine HR continue to support as and when required.

The entire project was completed in the structured four month programme that had been agreed at the outset.