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Working Time & Rest Breaks

Worker’s rights and employer’s obligations regarding rest breaks and working time are governed by Employment Law.  In this Q and A we have outlined what is covered by the legislation and the minimums that employers are obligated to provide.  It is highly unlikely that these regulations will be altered if and when Brexit takes place.

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Holidays & Holiday Entitlements

The right to take paid holiday is enshrined in Employment Law.  Managing holiday entitlements can be an emotive subject in the workplace, in this section we have answered many of an employer’s more common questions about managing holidays in the workplace.

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Contracts of Employment

The Contract of Employment is the formal agreement between employer and employee that sets out explicit and implicit terms and conditions of an individual’s employment. It is a vital document that is important for both sides to get right, so we have answered many of the questions that concern Contract of Employment in this section.