The directors were keen to retain the friendly and flexible working environment but knew that they needed to keep control of the finances and hold people accountable within the team.

We worked with them to understand the profit drivers in the business and the impact of each job role on these. We created a full suite of job descriptions which included accountabilities and success measures. Key Performance Indicators were set for the organisation and managers were trained to set objectives which aligned with these. They were also trained to carry out effective performance reviews. A skills matrix was developed to pinpoint the requirements for each role and to provide a development path for each individual.

A further step was to refine the recruitment process to make sure it encompassed Extreme’s values, as well as providing a greater level of consistency. Pennine HR ran a workshop which involved managers in developing the process, so ensuring that it was right for the organisation. Managers were also given guidance on interview techniques and informed about relevant legislation.

As a result of this work, the directors report a positive impact on their business. Managers now have the tools and knowledge to manage their teams effectively and individuals have a clear understanding of what is expected of them. This means that there is a clear focus throughout the business on the things that are important to achieve the organisation’s goals.