To mark the landmark year that Laura Crane would have celebrated her 40th Birthday we have partnered with the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust to create a prediction challenge that’s easy to enter and we hope will be fun to play.

Laura was diagnosed with cancer in March 1995 and died just two weeks after her 17th birthday in May 1996. The Trust that was set up in her name is based in Huddersfield and supports cancer sufferers across the UK.

We all know that cancer is bad news and great steps are being made to beat it in all its guises. But, it can be even more of a challenge for young adults because the natural changes within their bodies can react unpredictably and rapidly with cancer cells.

The Trust raises money to support 13-24 year olds fighting cancer nationwide by funding medical and social research, PLUS providing support mechanisms to improve quality of life and time spent at any one of the 43 hospitals in the UK that treat teenage cancer.

Because 40 is a magic number this year, we have identified 40 events that will take place between September and December 2019, and we want you to predict the outcome of each one! You will need a little bit of skill, some luck and perhaps a bit of help from Google or Wiki to make your predictions (which have an understandably Yorkshire theme). The more you get right, the more points you will earn and points make prizes!

1st Prize           £75

2nd Prize          £50

3rd Prize           £25

40th Prize         £10

To play, simply donate a £10 entry fee direct to the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust and download the entry spreadsheet via these links.

PayPal Donation Link

Entry spreadsheet list on this web page

Send your completed entry to [email protected]. Pennine HR are funding all the prize pool (so all the entries make a positive difference to the Trust) and there will be spot prizes for monthly winners.

Feel free to share with friends, family and colleagues and create your own mini leagues. You can also enter more than once provided you make a £10 donation each time you play.

Good luck

Steve Bradley