There is some essential information that you will need to include within the statement of main terms and conditions.

  • The name of the employee and of the company employing them
  • Their job title – full details of the job do not need to be included
  • The date when the employment began and start date of continuous employment, if different
  • The intended duration of the employment if it is not permanent
  • The employers address and the place of work
  • The rate of pay and the intervals at which it is to be paid
  • The hours of work
  • Holiday entitlement and pay
  • Notice required by each party to end employment
  • Details of any probationary period and any conditions relating to it
  • Any training the employee must complete and whether or not the employer will pay for it
  • Whether the employee will work abroad
  • Reference to any relevant collective agreements.

You should also provide details of the following, although these may be provided separately:

  • Sick leave and pay entitlements
  • Any other paid leave
  • Pensions and pension schemes
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures, including appeals procedure.

Many employers will refer to these in the contract of employment and include more details in an employee handbook.