Harry Potter star Emma Watson this week announced the launch of a free legal helpline for women suffering sexual harassment at work. This serves as a timely reminder to employers to take any complaints of bullying and harassment seriously.

Pennine HR have put together the following tips to help employers avoid such accusations – and how to deal with them if they arise.

  1. Have clear policies. Make it clear that your workplace is to be free from discrimination, bullying and harassment and that everyone is to be treated equally and respectfully, whoever they are.
  2. Put them into practice. Ensure that all your employment practices are in line with your policies, for example recruitment, access to training and promotion.
  1. Inform and train staff. Communicate to staff what behaviour is and is not acceptable – and set a good example!
  1. Investigate any complaints. If issues do arise, treat the complainant with respect and investigate fully. Make sure that everyone involved is treated fairly and that the outcome is not pre-judged.
  1. Take action. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, decide what action should be taken and follow it through.  This may be as simple as making the offending individual aware of the offence caused, through to taking disciplinary action.

Click this link for more information about the helpline:  https://rightsofwomen.org.uk/get-advice/sexual-harassment-at-work-law/

We believe that having clear policies and performance guidelines are the foundation of good management within a business. Implementing them in a fair and reasonable manner builds on those foundations and can go a long way towards creating a positive culture, which will benefit the business as a whole and the people that work within it.

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